Laboratory Safety Manual
English Version / Chinese Version
(July 2017)

Safety Guidelines for Rearing and Experimentation of Laboratory Animals (March 2017)

Bulletin Board on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) (June 2015)

Bulletin Board on Influenza A(H7N9) (December 2014)

Safety Guidelines for Handling Human Clinical Specimens (November 2014)

Online Chemical Database (Intranet only)
ChemWatch / CCINFO
(January 2014)

General Guidelines on Research Projects Involving Lentivirus (November 2013)

HKBU Sustainability Website (July 2010)

Safe Working Guideline Under Very Hot Weather (July 2012)

Hot Work Permit System (March 2016)

Student Health and Safety Information Corner (June 2017)

Health and Safety News & Updates (March 2016)

Departmental Safety Representatives (December 2013)

How safe is our food? (April 2005)

Computers - your friend or foe? (April 2005)

University-wide Monitoring Programmes (March 2003)

Emergency Procedures (June 2017)

Regulations on Hazardous Occurence Reporting and Investigation (May 2007)

Safety Issues relating to the Construction of Dangerous Goods Stores (January 2003)

Contractor Safety Handbook (June 2007)

Summary of the Mobile Network Exposure Survey (December 2001)

General Information on Anthrax (from CDC) (October 2001)

Mobile Phone Safety (September 2000)

Health, Safety and Environment Policy
English Version / Chinese Version
(May 2007)

Final Report on Labour Department Audit (July 1999)

Correct Posture for VDU users (May 1999)

General Manual Handling Technique (May 1999)

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·    Hazard Warning Registration Forms

·    Registration of Animal Handlers

·    Withdrawal of Animal Handlers

·    Registration of Highly Toxic Chemical Users

·    Withdrawal of Highly Toxic Chemical Users

·    Registration of Laser User (Class III & IV)

·    Withdrawal of Laser User (Class III & IV)

·    Registration of Radiation User

·    Withdrawal of Radiation User