Off-campus Student Dental Scheme
The University provides an off-campus Student Dental Scheme for students on a voluntary basis with an annual scheme fee. The dental services are provided at off-campus dental centres under the Well Being Dental Services Limited (“Well Being”). Starting from September 2021, the Scheme is managed by the Estates Office.
  1. Eligible users and annual fee

    HKBU and HKBU-School of Continuing Education (SCE) students are eligible for the Scheme.  The fee for joining the Scheme depends on the category to which the student belongs.

    Eligible Students
    Annual fee for basic dental services
    1. HKBU and HKBU-SCE students except part-time
    self-funded programme students
    2. HKBU and HKBU-SCE part-time self-funded
    programme students

  2. Enrolment Enrol Now

    Students who are eligible to participate in the Student Dental Scheme 2023-24 can enrol online starting from 1 August 2023 and enjoy the basic dental services and other benefits from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.  The last day of enrolment is 30 June 2024, but students are encouraged to enrol as early as possible.

    To enrol, you may either complete the Online Enrolment Form or via the HKBU Mobile app and pay the fee online according to the instructions given.
    A confirmation message will be sent by Well Being via email within seven working days to the student who has successfully enrolled on the Student Dental Scheme.

  3. Scope of basic dental services
    Basic dental services
    1. Oral prophylaxis (performed by dental hygienist) Once on or before 31 August 2024
    2. Dental examination Unlimited
    3. Intra-oral small film radiograph required by dentist Unlimited
    4. Emergency treatment - Incision and drainage of dental abscess (with surgery) Unlimited
    5. Emergency treatment - Medications for 3 days for relief of pain and infection Unlimited

  4. Other dental services

    Other dental services are also offered by Well Being but these are subject to additional fees.  Since the charges for these services can be complicated and sometimes expensive, it is recommended that students ask for detailed information before booking any additional services.

    Well Being also offers dental services for the family members of students.  For details, please contact Well Being on 2887 6656.

  5. Making appointment
    Once successfully enrolled, students can make dental appointment by directly calling or sending a WhatsApp message to the designated off-campus dental centres listed in Annex 1.

    Please note that all appointments shall be made in advance and the appointment scheduling services for the Student Dental Scheme 2023-24 will start from 1 September 2023 and end on 31 July 2024.

  6. Important notes

    Students must note that all fees paid for enrolling on the Student Dental Scheme are not refundable.  Even if your study ends before 31 August 2024 or if you are unable to use any dental services provided by the Scheme, no fees will be refunded or be transferred to other individuals.

  7. Additional fees for “no-show” or late cancellation / rescheduling
    Any cancellation or rescheduling of appointments must be made at least one working day before the scheduled time. Otherwise, the student will be charged HK$80 by Well Being.

  8. Enquiries
    Enquiries can be made directly to the service provider, Well Being,  via 2887 6656 during office hours or  You can also contact the Estates Office via 3411 7997 or